Teacher Training

TEACHER TRAINING with Certificates

More and more doctors are recommending Easy Tai Chi movements as part of their patients’ recovery. Teachers are needed for Easy Tai Chi and Easy Qigong at Adult Communities, Colleges, Hospitals, Fitness Clubs and Rehabilitation Centers.

Don Fiore - VibrantHealthHappiness.comDon Fiore has taught Tai Chi and Qigong at colleges, hospitals, business conferences, healthcare facilities, fitness centers, adult communities, Parkinson classes, and on Cruise ships. Health Professionals and the National Parkinson Foundation recommend his “Easy TaiChi-Qigong” DVD.

Don is now doing his Teacher Training with Certificate through Zoom and FaceTime.

Call Don and find out more about how he can help you find the best way to become a Teacher. He prefers to talk with people first and then will send you an application. Don’s number is: 480-208-1471. Please email us to make a phone appointment: taichidon@aol.com

Some people study and learn the movements from one of our DVDs. Other people learn the movements from our YouTube videos. We suggest the 20-minute “Daily Qigong” (with Louhan Patting) and the 20-minute “Daily Tai Chi” videos on our Channel – youtube.com/c/TaiChiHealthProductswithDonFiore. After one has learned the movements on our “Easy TaiChi-Qigong” DVD, Don will help fine-tune one’s movements and teacher skills, and also send information on the history of Tai Chi and information on how to get insurance if needed. Email taichidon@aol.com to sent up a phone appointment with Don about the Teacher Training with a Certificate program.