Tai Chi

Tai Chi is thought to be about 1200 years old. Some say that it is an expanded version of a more ancient movement called Qigong, which might be about 3000 years old. Others say that the Chen family designed T’ai Chi, and then the Yang style came next, etc.

Another version of how Tai Chi began says that it was practiced in monasteries to promote health and as a balance to the long hours of sitting in meditation.  As well, the monks needed a defense against bandits who attacked them during their travels. The monks wanted to defend themselves without harming the other person since their philosophy was “do no harm.”

That legend says that one day a monk observed a fight between a crane and a snake. The curving movements of the snake were more effective than the stabbing head of the crane. Thus the monks used circular, curving movements to ward off the stabbing movements of bandits.

Although many people consider Tai Chi as a martial art, our videos are focused on the meditative value when doing slow, repetitious, simplified movements with deep breathing.

Students who practice Tai Chi daily report that it:

  • Improves circulation and blood pressure
  • Creates better balance and coordination
  • Strengthens muscle and joint flexibility
  • Aids digestion and helps balance weight
  • Reduces stress and enhances clarity and concentration
  • Increases energy and productivity.

Our YouTube Channel has many free easy Qigong videos where you can join in for from 5 to 20 minutes. youtube.com/taichihealthproducts

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