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Universal Wisdom Collection (3 small books)

These are three of Tori’s most popular books.  They can fit into your pocket and are great for daily contemplation, or pull out when you’re feeling stressed, or read while waiting in a line. The 3 books include: THOUGHTS THAT BRING ME BALANCE, Choose Love, and In Silence I Hear the Most.

Enjoy the video below with some words from “Thoughts That Bring Me Balance.”

(This item was $20.)


The Secret of Oneness (1 small book)

Does the invisible fabric of Life connect us as One while our brain interprets sights and sounds as separate? Some people see the “Creative Source” as personal and others have an impersonal experience about That which creates life. Are both perspectives part of the Whole?  Enjoy this small book with mysteries and exercises for opening into a perspective and/or experience of what some call “Oneness.” (This item was $10.)

$20Price includes shipping within the 48 contiguous United States.

Some words to contemplate from “Thoughts That Bring Me Balance.”



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