Calming Stress

How do I calm the stressful thoughts in my mind?  This is an age-old question.

Meditation involves observing thoughts without resisting or fighting them. Simply notice what is appearing, and take relaxing breaths as you observe – allowing it to just be a thought.  Resistance and anger make the thought feel more real, and what you believe is what you will experience.

“The observer” does not have beliefs – he simply notices. If he feels a reaction within his body while observing the thought, then he just notices the reaction. In the state of awareness as an observer, an “understanding” often begins.  And understanding the deeper significance of something can often diminish fear and lead one back toward a sense of inner peace.

Some people meditate while sitting in silence, and others meditate while moving. Some prefer to listen to guided meditations while others enjoy watching meditations. There are many ways to calm the mind. Begin to notice what brings your mind back to peace.

Links to some Calming Stress Tools are shown below in the “4 Small Books Special” and the “Meditations for Relaxation, Healing & Sleep CD.

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