Anxiety and Depression

Many people suffer from anxiety and depression.
Some people are born with “a very sensitive system.”

Positive support groups and professional counseling can be helpful – but the most important ingredient is YOU. Do you want to participate in your mental and emotional well being?
Are you willing to become aware of what you might be doing that brings on the episodes?

Sometimes medical drugs can help bring a sense of balance back and, for other people, changing their diet can be helpful. Become aware of what works and what doesn’t work for you.

There is no shame in the fact that you are someone who has these sensitivities. Some very famous and successful people suffer from anxiety and depression. Find others who understand, and believe in yourself. You would not have been created unless you were needed just the way you are. Sensitive people can be very creative.

A link to our “Meditations for Relaxation, Healing & Sleep CD” is below.


The following videos share tools for dealing with anxiety and also what NOT to say to someone suffering with depression.

Moving Thru Sadness

Tips for Anxiety – some coping skills

Tips about Depression

Anxiety and Depression Products

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