Your health and happiness depend on what you “feed” your body, mind and spirit.

This website shares positive nourishment from the classes we have taught for over 30 years, such as: Instructional Tai Chi & Qigong DVDs, Books on CD, a Healing Meditation, and also some products from like-hearted friends.

 “Freedom from the need for praise or the fear of criticism creates great personal power.”
– From ‘Thoughts That Bring Me Balance’ by Tori Fiore


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5 LIVE online classes - Starting in August 2021

The Franciscan Renewal Center presents 5 LIVE online classes with Don Fiore from his home on each Tuesday in August 2021 at 10am California time.

Daily practice of easy Qigong & Tai Chi has helped many lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance muscle and joint flexibility, and aid digestion and balance. The 5 online classes will be RECORDED so you can go into your Learn It Live account and click on “Classes” and watch them again for almost a year!

How to enroll: Go to – at top right, click on LogIn/SignIn. Type in your email and create a password for your Learn It Live account. Then log into your account, click on Register Now and the total cost is $50. You will get a confirmation email with a link as well as a reminder about the class. Sign up now because the first class is Tuesday, August 3rd!

For more information, the Franciscan Renewal Center’s phone number is 480-948-7460.