The Happiness Workbook -

The Happiness Workbook:
a Book on CD for Reading

How are you painting or creating your life?

This workbook came from one of Tori’s self-awareness classes. People had expressed that they wanted their life to work better, and they wanted to feel more joy about life.  Thus it was originally called “My Life Works.” The lessons gave people tools and insights about thoughts and behaviors that brought stress, regret, anxiety, anger, and sadness – and then how to turn that around.

The workbook combines “A Course in Miracles” principles and tools from “The Work” of Byron Katie.  It’s now called “The Happiness Workbook” because many people who watched our YouTube videos expressed how they were looking for a happier and more meditative life.

30 powerful lessons are on a CD so people can print out the pages for journal-writing and also share the material with a class or support group.  Tori has heard from college professors, counselors, support groups and life coaches who found the workbook very valuable.

Create a new vibrant life for yourself with “The Happiness Workbook.”

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